Legacy Rods 
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Legacy Series

In 1991 Press Powell, in respone to the industry trend towards faster action and higher modulus graphite rods, came out with the Legacy series.  Built on GT-40 graphite blanks, the Legacy series were the fastest action rods the Powell Rod Company ever made.  From 1991 to 1993 these rods were built on blanks the same brown color as the Signature Series rods.  They were labeled as "Legacy Light" rods with the length and line wt also printed on the rod.  Given that these rods were new and also Powell's most expensive series of rods, Legacy rods on the brown blank are few and far between these days.     
     In 1994, with the big label and blank color changes at Powell, the Legacy series were switched to a dark cobalt blue blank and the labeling convention was switched to LG followed by a series of numbers indicating length and line wt.  The shorter and lighter Legacy rods are truly lovely fishing tools.  For my money a graphite trout rod does not get much better than the Legacy 9' 4-5wt.  The heavier rods were good rods as well, particularly in windy conditions.  They are a little stiffer and have a bit less feel when compared to the Light Touch rods.  I really like to fish the 9' 5-6 and 7-8wt Legacy rods from a canoe or float tube on stillwater.  Particulary when considering the dark blue blanks, the Legacy rods are another series of great rods whose castablility is matched by it's great cosmetics.
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